Central Newfoundland Waste Management Authority


Updated Information

Effective January 1, 2016
Central Newfoundland Waste Management 2016
New Tipping Fee�s
Collection and Disposal

Tipping Fees

Residential/Commercial Transparent Blue Bag / Clear Garbage Bag $132.00 / tonne
Construction and Demolition (C&D) Mixed $132.00 / tonne
C&D Sorted
- Card Board
- Paper
- Shingles
- Wood Products
- etc.
$25.00 / tonne
Vehicle Tires $25.00 / tonne
Car Wrecks
Tires/Oil Removed
Oil Tank
- Clean
- Split and purged
Clean Soil/Gravel Free
Milled Asphalt Free
Metals Free
Household Hazardous Waste Free
Refrigerators/Deep Freeze with Freon Free
Non Compliance Fee $70.00/tonne (extra) for Unsorted Waste and/or Non-Permitted Black Bag
New Collection Fee's $79.00 / household

Central Newfoundland Waste Management Scheduled Timeline

To Be Announced

Compost Facility will be completed. The Central Newfoundland Waste Management system will now be in full operations.
Public drop off area
Scale house Material recovery factory Lined land fill
Maintenance garage Compost facility